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Authentic belgian beer tasting (NEW)

The Beer Adventure provides Belgian beer tastings to stimulate your curiosity. Tasting beer is a lot of fun but it requires knowledge & practice to truly grasp and appreciate what the vast world of Belgian beers offers. It is diverse world, unique and full of colorful vibes. Your host is a Belgian beer enthusiast who loves to guide novice beer amateurs to appreciate and to taste the vast world of beers. He will take you on a journey that breaks your routine, empowers your senses and fuels your passion for beer. During the tasting, you will have a chance to discover the balance, the elegance and the tradition Belgian beers offer. It sounds good, and for sure it tastes good too! Come in!

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Invitation for one person to the Premium Tasting (approx 2,5 hours), including a presentation of appearance, aroma & taste of beer and link with the production process to understand how it affects these characteristics. Emphasize on your beer education and your senses awareness. Tasting: 7*1dl of different beers, pistachio, grissini and a premium platter of Ham & Cheese.

Hasznos információk

- Registrations is necessary to take part to a session.
- The events take place in various in Budapest city center.
- The sessions start with a minimum of 2 registered participants.
- The dates and places are advertised on the website of our partner.
- The sessions happen in english.
- The consumption of alcohol is not allowed under the age of 18yo, and we generaly suggest to everyone to look for quality rather than quantity.


Monday-Wednesday: 11:00-19:00
Thursday-Saturday: 11:00-21:00
Sunday: closed


The Beer Adventure

Cím: Center of Budapest, check location of events on the website
Telefon: 70/571-4337
E-mail: info@thebeeradventure.com
Megközelítés: Depending on events location.

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